School dances can be a lot of fun with the right DJ of course!

We can provide interactive games and dance contests to help motivate the students.

For many entertainers, the middle school and junior high market can be very difficult to play for. We understand the music needs of the students. In fact, the students love to hear all the newest hits on the radio as well as yesterday's favorites. We receive nearly 100 new songs from radio airplay and Billboard® charts every month.

As music is crucial to the success of the school function, so are lyrics. While all music played at your school function is the radio edit, you may wish to omit more controversial songs from the programming. We welcome a meeting with the Student Council, Principal, or other school representative to discuss these possible conflicts.

Interaction among students is a great way to get the students motivated. We are happy to conduct a dance contest which is sure to get all students involved. Requests are welcomed at the event by having the students write down songs on provided paper. If there are songs the students think we should have for the event, we encourage a "suggested music" list 2 weeks before the function.

Take a look at our Upcoming Events page and check out some of our schools we have coming up. Our current school customers pick us as their favorite Disc Jockey Service. Read why on Our Testimonials Page!

So whether or not you are having an after school party or regular sock hop, find out what we can do for your school!

When you are looking for activities for kids you can always have a dance! When the music stops and you are still looking for kids activities there is only one place on the web for you to go. You can find all the children activities you need in one place!