Get kids to dance by useing a gilbert az dj

We just want to send our thanks for coming out again this year to do our Stake Beehive/Deacon Instruction Dance.  It was fabulous!  You were so great with the kids and we loved the music.  We have heard so much positive feedback from adults and the kids.  It's kind of funny how each year comes around and there is so much hesitation and anxiety from the youth, being they are not comfortable dancing and don't know how to act.  Then they come out and you make them feel comfortable and they see how fun it is.  It's not as scary as they thought!  haha.  They love it!
A funny side note was when I was dropping my son off at school this morning, his PE teacher ran over to my car and wanted to tell me something.  She said on Thursday in PE they played some music that they danced to and Thriller was one of them.  She said that my son, Robbie, was all moves- dancing thriller. He was the best dancer in the class.  Haha  No doubt it was because you had taught that the night before.  Funny!!
We thought the night was a great success and appreciate all your time and effort.  We want to continue our tradition with you on that same night, so I sent a request to you to book us the next year on that first Wednesday of November 2012.  
Thanks again for a great night with the youth.   
Suzie Perkinson, Karen Zaharis, Natalie Norton and Heidi Bethea
Citrus Heights Stake YW Presidency